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MIDTOWN WEST (PIX11) – Beating the heat can be a challenge. But one new bar is giving summer the cold shoulder.
Located in the Hilton on 6th Avenue and 53rd street, Minus 5 Ice Bar is the coolest new bar in New York. Heck at minus 5 degrees Celsius, 23 degrees Fahrenheit, the bar is downright ice cold.

“An entire bar made all of ice, the walls, everything. The chairs you’re sitting on, the glass you’re drinking out of, even the light above your head is made of ice.”

Owner Noel Bowman is bringing the ice bar to New York after successfully launching the idea in Vegas. But it hasn’t been easy.

“You know it’s been chaos — building 90 tons of ice has taken us three weeks to do so,” said Bowman. “Block by block, brick by brick, detail by detail.”

Details that include ice glasses you can only use once, elaborate chandeliers, and some famous New York landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and the statue of liberty.  But Bowman says there’s still some work to be done before the grand opening on Monday.

“You hear those chainsaws in the background?  That’s the ice Statue of Liberty that’s being constructed.  That’s going to be a really popular photo-op with everyone.”



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