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Ice Experience
Where everything is made of ice!

We are the premium ice attraction in the United States with 3 locations in Las Vegas. Everything inside the ice bar is made of ice; the walls, the seats and even the glasses that you enjoy your beverage in. We are always creating new ice sculptures to continuously reinvent the experience throughout the year.

Once you choose your package, you’re kitted out with gloves and a warm parka or Faux Fur Coat, then transported into a winter wonderland of interactive ice architecture while sipping the coolest beverages from glasses made entirely of ice. An exciting LED light show and upbeat music plays while you take in the pristine surroundings. The temperature is controlled and designed to provide a refreshing experience as you explore the different ice sculptures and themed ice rooms. Professional photographers capture the memory and we offer a great line of hip merchandise and gear.

We are the perfect place to experience that special occasion and are available for private events and/or corporate buyouts.

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