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Scavenger Hunt @ Venetian

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ICEBAR Scavenger Hunt @ Venetian

Journey through the experience of ice and discover the seven hidden secrets

Instructions: Follow each clue to different sections of the bar. In each area is a hidden item. Pick the correct item from the three options on each page to complete the scavenger hunt.

Hint: Items are hidden in an ice cup.

1 / 7

The cards are dealt, find this item up a sleeve.

2 / 7

Take to the streets and add your own artistic touch with this Item

3 / 7

This is the mane item hidden amongst the hay.

4 / 7

This item is at the starting line and has the engine revved.

5 / 7

Find this item amongst the cherry blossoms, protected by a noble warrior.

6 / 7

Keep your head up like a deer in the headlights to discover this item.

7 / 7

Get your pickaxe and go hunting for gold for this item.


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