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10 Reasons Why Las Vegas Special Events Spaces are the Best

When you’re hosting a special event, there is always a lot that you need to consider. You’ll want to have plenty of options on hand to keep your guests entertained during the event, as well as during any downtime that they may have in the area.

If you’re planning an event soon, you will no doubt have a list of essential things that you’ll need to include.

Las Vegas is a city built around events and will tick off many, if not all of the different things on your list.

Here are ten reasons why Las Vegas special events are the best.

1. Las Vegas Has the Best Hotels

When you’re planning an event, you’ll want to find somewhere that can accommodate all of your guests.

Las Vegas is a city that is built around its hotels. With so many great hotels to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The number of hotels alone makes Las Vegas one of the best convention cities out there.

2. Las Vegas Has Great Conference Centers

With over 12 million square feet of exhibition and meeting space, and being home to three of the US’s largest convention centers, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to finding a convention venue in Vegas.

There are the following choices in Las Vegas:

  • The Mandalay Bay Convention Center: 2.0 million sq. Ft.
  • The Sands Expo and Convention Center: 1.7 million sq. Ft.
  • The Las Vegas Convention Center 2.2 million sq. Ft.

All of this is before we even start to look at the dozens of smaller conference centers in the city.

3. Great Weather

If there is one thing that you can be sure about when it comes to Las Vegas; it’s the weather.

Because it’s built in the Nevada desert, you are guaranteed glorious sunshine and clear skies.

Over the entire year, there are just five inches of rain, and the city boasts a total of 320 days of sunshine.

4. Everything You Need is Close to Hand

Vegas is a great city because everything is close to hand. The city has great transport links with the city airport only a few miles from the heart of the action.

With just a 15 minute drive between the airport and the famous Las Vegas Boulevard, you’ll be able to get your event underway without delay.

5. Vegas is a Great Looking City

If there is one thing that Las Vegas has got, it’s character.

With so many of the major casinos investing in making their buildings really stand out, you’ll get to enjoy the picture-postcard perfection of the city in person.

The backdrop of the Vegas skyline will be perfect for your event.

6. Las Vegas Has Great Places to Eat

If you’re bringing in lots of people for your Las Vegas events, then you’re going to need to feed them.

Fortunately, because the city of Las Vegas is built around tourism, there are no shortages of great restaurants.

In Vegas, you’ll find everything from all-you-can-eat buffets through to the very best in fine dining. Whatever type of event you are catering for, you’ll find the dining options to suit.

7. You Can Fly to Las Vegas Airport From Virtually Anywhere

Not only is Las Vegas airport conveniently situated for your event delegates to get straight into the center of the city, but you can get to Vegas from pretty much anywhere in the world.

The popularity of the destination means that you’ll enjoy convenience when it comes to booking flights for your Las Vegas meetings.

8. The City is Full of Great Service Companies

Something that is important when considering organizing an event will be the accessibility of the different vendors that you might need to support you.

You may need the assistance of catering companies to provide your guests with food and drink throughout the special event.

If you have a presentation or entertainment as part of the event, you will almost certainly require technical support from an audio/ visual specialist.

You may need to hire bands, or other corporate performance acts. You might want photographers.

Whatever you need, there will be several different choices of business in Las Vegas that will be able to support you.

Because Las Vegas’s main industry is entertainment and events, you will be well looked after by some of the most experienced event vendors in the United States.

9. There Are Around-the-Clock Activities in Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that doesn’t ever switch off. After your special event winds down, there are plenty of options for you and your guests to wind down.

You can take in one of the many shows, take a trip to the casinos, or enjoy a drink in one of the many Vegas bars and clubs.

Be sure and plan some downtime in your attendee’s schedules so that they can enjoy everything that Las Vegas has on offer, but do expect a few hangovers on the next morning.

10. Las Vegas Attracts a Strong Attendance

If there is one thing that will excite your event attendees, it will be the prospect of a trip to Las Vegas.

Vegas is a city that is loved the whole world over. Whatever type of special event you are organizing, your guests will really look forward to a trip to Las Vegas as it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to them.

Booking Your Las Vegas Special Events

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