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7 Best Las Vegas Bars to Visit

If you’re heading to the city of sin, chances are you want to indulge in some of the best food and drink that the city has to offer.

Las Vegas features some of the best concepts from around the country, with decadently designed venues and outstanding drinks selections to boot. Some of the best bars are staples on the strip but there are some incredible new Las Vegas bars that you don’t want to miss on your next visit.

Whether you prefer classic cocktails or you want to sip something new and trendy, Las Vegas offers a little something for everyone.

Stay with us for your guide to the seven best bars to visit in Las Vegas.

  1. Downtown Cocktail Room

The Downtown Cocktail Room is clad with lavish decor, relaxing music, and an upscale vibe. That’s all hidden behind a secret entrance which makes it that much more tempting.

Bartenders at this chic bar serve up a selection of signature cocktails with unique garnishes, and liquors from boutique breweries. They also feature a selection of all of the classics, and some with a cheeky twist.

This bar will give you a speak-easy feel with drinks that will not disappoint.

  1. Frankie’s Tiki Room

If you’re looking for the best tiki bar in Las Vegas, Frankie’s is it.

Tiki bars were famous in the 50s and Frankie’s has given this concept a righteous revival. The venue gives just the right amount of kitsch and the drinks are on theme. There are tiki statues, bamboo decor, and traditional tiki glassware topped off with a classic tiny umbrella.

The drinks are strong (and affordable) so it’s a great place to let loose and have some fun!

  1. The Underground at The Mob Museum

As the name implies, this bar boasts the swanky style of the gangster mob era. The Underground at The Mob Museum is located at the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino but it will transport you to an illegal speakeasy during Prohibition.

This bar features an ostentatious on-site distillery and a luxury VIP room. The bartenders will pour your “illegal” moonshine and make you feel like a bit of a renegade.

If you’re heading to Las Vegas, this bar is a must-see!

  1. Minus 5 Ice Bar

Minus 5 Ice Bar in Las Vegas is a staple on the strip and truly an experience you have to see for yourself.

It’s hard to envision a bar made out of ice in the middle of the desert but Minus 5 pulls it off. The venue has over 90 tons of ice but you don’t have to worry about the 23-degree temperature! They give you a great selection of cozy clothing options once you step into this unique venue.

In a sweltering hot city like Las Vegas, Minus 5 Ice Bar is the only place in town that offers a much-needed chill with a great selection of drinks and no shortage of ice to keep them cool!

Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time for the full Minus 5 Ice Bar experience. They have three convenient locations in The Venetian, Mandalay Bay, and the LINQ Promenade.

  1. The Garden Las Vegas

The Garden is a great LGBTQ-friendly bar in the Arts District of Las Vegas.

This gay bar in Las Vegas has the best of two worlds. Their venue features greenery and water fountains on the charming garden patio, but inside, crystal chandeliers hang over luscious velvet booths. Whether you want an intimate night out or over-the-top entrainment, The Garden offers something for everyone.

They offer weekly entertainment with musical tributes and special menu options like bottomless cocktails.

  1. Milk Bar

If you’ve out-partied yourself in Las Vegas and you’re looking for a wholesome bar option, we’ve got just the place for you!

Milk Bar in Las Vegas is famous for its decadent, playful, and delicious desserts. Not only are the dessert options at this bar incredibly tasty, but they are also admittedly Instagramable. Created in 2008, Milk Bar features locations around the country with popular menu options like birthday cakes, cookies, and ice cream.

Their Las Vegas location at The Cosmopolitan features an exclusive adult menu with alcohol-infused delights. Try the Cereal Milk White Russian for a delicious fusion of two worlds in one amazing drink.

  1. Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is located in the Arts Factory district of Las Vegas. It is a fun and creative bar, both with the venue style and the menu items.

It is the ideal place for impressing guests from out of town and getting off the main strip for a bit of privacy.

They serve a gorgeous selection of cocktails with house-made ingredients and some unconventional garnishes like black pepper mezcal and sun-dried tomato. The Velveteen Rabbit focuses on music and art to create a trendy and welcoming atmosphere.

Be sure to make a reservation on a night where they feature live music to enjoy a night of culture.

Make Sure to Hit These Las Vegas Bars 

While there is no shortage of places to drink in sin city, not all Las Vegas bars are created equal. This helpful guide will ensure that you get a well-rounded experience with all of the best bars that Las Vegas has to offer. Be sure to visit the Downtown Cocktail Room, Frankie’s Tiki Room, The Underground at the Mob Museum, Minus 5 Ice Bar, The Garden, and The Velveteen Rabbit.

If you’re visiting Las Vegas, head to our website and let us curate your experience with amazing entertainment options for you and your group.

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