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9 of the Best Bars in Las Vegas You Don’t Want to Miss

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always have to stay in Vegas.

Just ask the 40 million people who visit Sin City each year. They might not tell you every story from their visit, of course. But they can probably recommend to you the best bars in Las Vegas for your upcoming getaway.

We don’t mind sharing our Vegas secrets, either — at least, when it comes to bars. Here are nine of the best places to grab a drink on the Strip and beyond.

1. The Chandelier

Does it get any more Las Vegas than drinking inside of a three-story chandelier? That’s precisely what you’ll do at this Sin City bar named after the light fixture in which it sits.

Each level of The Chandelier has a different atmosphere to offer. The first-story casino bar and the top-tier lounge sandwich a swanky cocktail bar in the center.

No matter where you choose to drink, you can rest assured that you will be drinking well. The Chandelier has an expertly crafted cocktail menu to go with each of its three bars.

2. Bound

Perhaps you long for the Las Vegas of decades past. If so, check out Bound, a cocktail lounge that brings back Sin City of the 1970s.

Bound’s not the place to go before a night out on the Strip. Instead, you can head to this lobby bar tucked inside of The Cromwell for a quieter evening on the town.

The cocktails won’t disappoint — Bound has a reputation for its smooth pours. You can learn the ropes while you’re there, too. Bound’s mixologists teach a drink-making class almost every day.

3. The Golden Tiki

Las Vegas wouldn’t be what it is without a healthy dose of kitsch. Get your fill at The Golden Tiki, an island theme bar hidden in an unassuming strip mall.

Once you’re inside, though, you’ll forget the bar’s simple exterior. That’s because The Golden Tiki takes its theme to the extreme. Seriously — you’ll sip on neon-colored cocktails while shrunken heads look on.

If you’re preparing for a wild night out in Sin City, then scoop up one of The Golden Tiki’s cocktail bowls. Bartenders blend multiple liquors into a basin and pop in a few straws for you and your fellow revelers. Or, check-in for Happy Hour and get your drinks at a discount.

4. Velveteen Rabbit

Not all bars in Las Vegas stick to the city’s party-centric theme. In fact, downtown Las Vegas has an artsy pocket where you’ll find quieter, quirkier places to entertain yourself.

Case in point — the Velveteen Rabbit, a bar run by two sisters in this pocket of town. Their cocktail menu rotates regularly, but they always feature unique ingredients, such as Parmesan cheese, turmeric honey, and cinnamon-clove syrup.

5. The Double Down Saloon

Sin City natives and tourists alike have flocked to the Double Down Saloon for a quarter-century. It’s much unlike the other cool bars in Las Vegas, though — this one’s a bona fide dive.

You should check out the Double Down Saloon if you’re into more of an underground scene. This place often hosts punk bands, as well as burlesque shows and movie screenings. Regardless of the entertainment, expect to sip a stiff drink while you spectate.

6. Vesper Bar

You’ll find all of the Las Vegas glitz you could ever want at Vesper Bar. Chrome, mirrors and other shimmery materials cover this place. It sparkles the way you imagined the best bars on the Vegas strip would.

Vesper Bar’s unending glamour does little to distract from their exquisite cocktail menu. It’s an exciting concept — they whip up classic cocktails, as well as reimagined versions of each. You can even sample both sides to see which version you prefer.

7. Starboard Tack

Walking into Starboard Tack will transport you back to Vegas from 50 years ago, and it’s not an inauthentic vibe. This watering hole has been around for that long. And yet, its updates make it the perfect blend of retro Vegas and the Sin City of today.

Modernity thrives on Starboard Tack’s cocktail menu, which includes a CBD-infused cucumber cocktail. Their offerings won’t break the bank, either. Vegas locals — especially hipsters — flock here for the great prices, vibes and libations.

8. 107 Sky Lounge

107 Sky Lounge sits at the top of a hotel called The Strat, short for “stratosphere.” Needless to say, this bar is high up.

So, expect incredible, 360-degree views of Las Vegas from this cocktail bar. It might be the perfect place to end your trip. You can look out over Sin City and reflect on all the fun times — at least, the ones you remember.

Along with a tasty cocktail menu, 107 Sky Lounge serves up small plates of Wagyu beef arancini, tuna tartare and bruschetta. They also host a Happy Hour from 4 to 7 pm.

9. minus5 ICEBAR

In the middle of the desert, Minus 5 ICEBARS are an icy oasis. Your experience will start with a wardrobe change — you need gloves and a parka to go inside one of their frigid bars.

Once you’re in, you’ll realize why you’re wearing such a heavy coat — nearly everything in ICEBAR is made from ice. This stat includes the cup in which your cocktail comes. Sip your chilled beverage-of-choice as you check out the ice sculptures, themed rooms, and colorful lighting.

A trip to a minus5 ICEBAR is an out-of-the-box experience to consider on your next trip to Vegas. If you’re planning to go, book tickets in advance so you’re guaranteed a chance to check it out.

The Best Bars in Las Vegas are Waiting For You

You can get a drink just about anywhere in Sin City, but you want more than a simple cocktail. And, now, you know the best bars in Las Vegas to try. With that, you’ve already taken your trip to the next level.

And, if you’re coming to see us at minus5 ICEBAR don’t forget to plan. Book tickets and check our website for updates on the most chill experience Vegas has to offer.

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