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Chill Out! 7 Reasons to Visit an Ice Bar in Las Vegas

Planning to visit Las Vegas once the whole COVID-19 pandemic ends? Who wouldn’t want to go out and have some fun after spending months locked at home?

If you’re looking forward to visiting the city, you might have no idea of things to do in Las Vegas, especially when you want a more unique experience. Without prior experience, you won’t know where to start.

Don’t give up yet.

A good place to visit is an icebar in Las Vegas. In this guide, we list the top reasons to visit one on your next trip to Sin City. Read on and find out what an icebar can offer you.

1. Exciting Ice Sculptures

When visiting an icebar in Las Vegas, you’ll find a surplus of ice sculptures. Whether it’s people, superheroes, historical figures, or animals, an icebar will have it. The best part is that if you rent the bar for private events, you can ask the management to make an appropriate ice sculpture.

Are you looking for a good way to show off your product? If so, encasing it inside of ice can be an ingenious method. It’s a novelty that most people can find impressive, whether you’re using it for business or for birthday parties.

2. Affordable Beverage Packages

An icebar still has fine liquor at their disposal to help you relax and unwind. The best part is if you use the place for a private event, you’ll have a flexible set of beverage packages. This will let you make the most out of your money while ensuring everyone has a good time.

For example, here at minus5°, we have three beverage packages. The first one is the Open Bar, where a person gets an hourly charge. Pick from beer & wine only, call brands, and premium brands for your open bar package.

If you want more freedom for your guests, check out our On Consumption package. This means your guests can order from your chosen package and we add it on your tab. If you’re worried about your budget, you can set limits to it.

Our last package is the Pre-Paid Individual Tickets. Your event guests can use these to get house specialty drinks or certain call brands. It’s flexible since you can buy more tickets as your event progresses.

3. Memorable Photo Opportunities

An ice bar looks like a winter wonderland all year. If you’re looking for a more memorable experience, this is one of your best choices. Taking photographs here is close to fantasy, especially when you’re hosting an event for friends or your company.

If you’re doing the latter, we have a team of professional photographers to help you with it. You have the option of getting printed photos or digital copies. To promote your brand, we can use your company logo to watermark your photos.

4. Great Food and Catering

Ice bars aren’t all about the liquor and atmosphere. Most will have premium meals that can liven up your lovely experience further. These establishments are serious about their business, meaning they will augment their unique premise with only the best food and drinks.

That’s why hosting private events is great for experiencing what an ice bar can offer. Here, we offer catering services with a premium chef and culinary team. We have an exhaustive list of menu items you can use for your event.

We can customize your food selection and catering setup, depending on your event. We have food for platters, buffets, and desserts. If you want an unforgettable dining experience, our ice bar is one of the Las Vegas attractions you should visit.

5. Solid Cocktail Menu

Ice bars have lofty standards with their cocktail offerings. It’s difficult to make a solid menu when served in a subzero environment. Alcohol has a –174.6 F freezing point, which is much lower than most liquids.

The good news is that flavored vodka’s recent popularity made it possible for a cocktail menu to be more diverse. At our ice bar, we have signature cocktails, Snowflake, and Ice Man. Try them out if you visit us.

Our ice glassware is also something to behold. We take great lengths to ensure that our cocktail mix keeps its prime quality while maintaining novelty. Our cocktail-mixing process enables bartenders to touch four items when making drinks—the vodka, modifier, and two juices.

6. A Literal Chill Experience

The bar’s icy construction means you’ll never worry about losing the freshness of your drinks. They’re always chilled, but be careful not to wait for long. The good news is that here in minus5°, we offer wine and vodka tastings.

In this environment, your thick clothes and the genuine vodka experience will warm you up. If you host an event with vodka tasting packages, your guests will become more knowledgeable of the liquor. Our expert sommeliers can walk your guests through the wine experience and warm up at the lounge.

7. Large Variety of Entertainment

An event is never complete without entertainment. That’s why we have a huge catalog of entertainment options to make your guests’ experience fun and more personal. These events are fun and unique, and they cater to a wide audience.

We have bands and a DJ that can help hype up your event. Our DJ can make your event level up with the sheer variety of music we have. From club music to Holiday music, you’re guaranteed to get a personalized music experience for your event.

If you’re more into comedy, we have celebrity impersonators that can entertain your guests. We have a wide repertoire—actors, entertainers, and musicians alike. We also have magicians that confound your guests with their magic tricks.

Visit an Icebar in Las Vegas Today!

These are some reasons for you to visit an icebar in Las Vegas. If you’re looking for the best one around, minus5° is your destination. We can offer all these and more, especially when you want a memorable party for everyone.

Did this guide make you interested in hosting an event? If so, contact us today and we can work something out.

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