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7 Tips for Having Fun at Ice Bars in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the world’s most entertaining and premiere cities. Everything from live shows to casinos and professional sports teams gives a visitor plenty to do.

When you make your stop in Las Vegas, make sure to visit the ice bars.

Ice bars are becoming a popular trend in entertainment. Use these tips to maximize your enjoyment and become a regular.

What Are Ice Bars?

The name is not a trick. In an ice bar, most things are literally made from ice. The bar, the seats, and the floor might all be made of ice.

Different ice bars will have various themes. Ice sculptures in accordance with the theme may adorn the bar. Large icicles help create a fun atmosphere.

You should enjoy the full experience of a true ice bar that caters every detail to your senses. If you look closely, you’ll see things that you had no idea could be made of ice.

1. No Need to Bring a Coat

Ice bars sound like a place that requires the best warm clothing. You do need warm coats, but the ice bar usually provides them. Additionally, gloves and hats may also be provided.

If you are bar hopping through the night, don’t feel the need to get changed specifically for the ice bar. Other than solid shoes and an attitude for fun, you don’t even need to bring a jacket.

Temperatures are kept at a point that keeps the ice stable and cold. Even with the warm gear, don’t expect to stay for hours or tell your life’s story to the bartender.

Most people like to stop in, get a drink, and have a fun story for the next day.

2. Date Night

Some people go to bars to watch a game, and some people go to catch up with friends from work. An ice bar is a perfect place for a date night.

There’s a good chance you’re not within a close drive of an ice bar. When you do find yourself in the same city as one, take the opportunity for a date night with a loved one.

In addition to getting a drink with your significant other, you both will have a shared experience and a new spot to visit the next time you’re in town. Skip the same boring movie and dinner date to go to an ice bar.

3. Light Show

Going out for a drink should be a full experience. If seeing the ice at the ice bar is the main course, then the light show and music are dessert.

For people who have never been to a light show, these displays of artistry take hours to make. Combined with the ice everywhere, a light show will look regal in comparison to any other light shows.

A drink in your hand, beautiful ice sculptures everywhere, a light show, and some music is a perfect way to end your weekend.

4. Photography Is Encouraged

Make sure you have room on your phone for all the pictures and videos you plan to take.

Photography in Vegas is a part of life, and ice bars are meant to be camera-friendly. Whether you’re with friends or a date, it’s nice to capture a fun memory forever. Coworkers and family members are going to start following you on the weekends.

Also, look for a professional photographer from the ice bar. You may want to purchase the photos especially if you’re wearing your favorite dress.

5. Reservations and Costs of Ice Bars

If you hold a birthday or bachelor party at an ice bar, your friends will owe you for a few years. Book a date in advance to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

Months of planning a Vegas trip should include reserving a spot at an ice bar to get the full experience. Beat the tourists and locals alike to get a spot.

Don’t be the person who forgets to include an ice bar in your Vegas itinerary.

Remember, this isn’t your average small-time bar. It’s an experience that you may only get once in your life so feel free to spend a little extra money.

6. Polite Etiquette

Since an ice bar is different from other dives and bars, a person needs to follow protocol. When you walk into another house, you should always obey their rules.

Go online or call ahead to ask about specific rules. There may be dress codes, electronic restrictions, and now social distancing guidelines.

Some ice bars have very unique ice glasses for drinks. These are typically not for sale and shouldn’t be taken out of the bar, especially since they are made from ice!

It’s also a good idea not to try and shave off or damage any ice. Talented and determined artists and laborers spent hours to craft the ice bar. Don’t disrespect their hard work and upkeep.

7. Drink Up

You’re at a bar so it’s time to relax and enjoy some drinks. It’s not every day that a person can drink out of an ice glass in an igloo.

Don’t expect a full bar menu, but most ice bars will carry a wide variety of drinks anyone will like.

If you’re on vacation, then it’s time to try some new drinks and trade old stories with new friends.

Las Vegas Ice

Who knew you could find a frozen tundra in the desert of Las Vegas? Visiting ice bars will ensure you make new memories and have a little fun.

Following these tips will help you fit in and avoid making a faux pas.

If you’re ready to visit the coolest ice bar in Las Vegas, then contact us with any questions you may have.

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