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How to Organize a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

Las Vegas is the Disneyland for adults. And with this title, you and your best girls can have the time of your life by having a bachelorette party there.

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Las Vegas is also home to some of the best resorts in the world and at cheaper prices than you might find elsewhere.

In this blog post, we’ll offer you some tips and tricks for creating the perfect Las Vegas bachelorette party, either for yourself or for the bride-to-be.

Read on for some tips on how to craft a vacation of a lifetime.

  1. Get a Feel for What the Group Likes

The bride is the most important guest, so doing anything she doesn’t like is, of course, a no-go. But you’ll still need to feel out the group’s interests to ensure everyone has a great time.

Luckily, Las Vegas isn’t all about just gambling anymore. Instead, there are world-class shows, amazing dining, roller coasters, beautiful hotels, gorgeous swimming pools, and more.

Tailor your itinerary to what the group wants to do and what you’re all interested in instead of going for what just one person wants.

  1. Schedule a Pamper Session

Luckily, Las Vegas is also home to some amazing spas inside the hotels. You and your girls can schedule a day of relaxation and beauty treatments together to melt away the tension and stress related to the wedding or wedding planning. Book a day inside one of the spas, and relax and bond with some world-class treatments.

  1. Don’t Forget Downtime

Las Vegas can be a fun and exciting place, but you do want everyone to have a good time. As such, you’ll want to ensure that there are free spots in your schedule for people to explore on their own. You don’t want to overschedule to the point that people feel they can’t do something they wanted to do while they were there.

There are also amazing pools and pool bars and parties, so some of your party might want to sip a margarita by the pool, especially if they’ve been partying all night.

  1. Schedule a Unique Experience

While Las Vegas offers something for everyone, there are a few things that are completely unique experiences you can’t get from most other vacation destinations.

Book a slot at our Minus 5 Ice Experience or Ice Bar or the Minus 5 Ice Bar, to have a time you’ll be talking about for years to come.

At our Ice Bar, everything inside is made from ice: from the sculptures to the seats. You can book a regular experience or book the whole place for an even more memorable adventure. We even have a professional photographer on hand to capture the experience so you can look back later.

  1. See a Show

There’s truly something for everyone in Las Vegas, and that’s true for the shows. If your group is a little more conservative or just not a big fan of some of the more sexually charged shows, book a ticket to one of the Cirque du Soleil shows on the strip. You won’t be disappointed as you’re wowed with the talents of people from all over the world.

If your group is a bit on the wild side, see Thunder from Down Under at the Excalibur, where you can ogle hot men taking off their clothes. This is a show made for a bachelorette party.

You can also catch drag shows and touring Broadway shows. Check out for more on what shows are available during your visit.

  1. Get in a Club Night

Vegas has nightclubs in almost every hotel and no doubt one that suits your vibe.

If you’re staying at an MGM-owned hotel, you can get your name added to the VIP list on any of their properties for free. If you speak to the concierge, they can also let you know what type of music is playing at what night at each club. That way, you and your girls can decide which spot you want to hit up when.

These properties include MGM Grand, Bellagio, Excalibur, Mirage, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, and the Delano.

  1. Play Games

Don’t forget that the bachelorette party is all about the bride-to-be, so play some games to get in the mood. Create a scavenger hunt for the group to follow, and include some saucier things in celebration of your bride’s future wedding night. The scavenger hunt can be played during the entire trip, making it even more fun.

You can also play games like “Never Have I Ever” or create a “How Well Do I Know the Bride?” game with alcohol while you’re out or at the hotel before as a way to pre-game.

Scheduling a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

A Las Vegas bachelorette party should be an unforgettable experience for you and your friends. It can be a lot of pressure to try and plan a party or trip that everyone has fun at, but that’s the beauty of Las Vegas: there is truly something for everyone. As such, there will be activities that will be fun for everyone on the trip. It’s almost as though Vegas takes some of the stress out of trip planning by being itself.

While you’re here, why not purchase your ticket to one of our ice bars? You’ll have the time of your life and can even squeeze some of your games in during your slot.

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