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Top 10 Most Popular Drinks in Vegas (And How to Order Them)

38.8 million visitors came to Vegas in 2022. Some for gambling, some for shows, some for fun, and others just to take in the whole experience. 

Whether you come to Las Vegas to spend some time gambling or to try something out of the ordinary like the Ice Bar, where everything is made of ice, you’re likely to want some drinks during your stay. 

Mixed drinks are perfect for all your Vegas celebrations. What are the best drinks in Vegas?

Read on for a list of classic and popular cocktail and drink options for your next Vegas visit. 

1. Long Island Iced Tea

The Long Island Iced Tea might have been your happy hour drink in college, and there’s a reason for that. With a hefty amount of alcohol, it’s made for getting a little tipsy. 

While there are moderate variations to this potent cocktail, most traditional Long Iced Teas are made with:

  • Run
  • Tequila
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Triple Sec

Once all the booze is in, it’s topped with some sweet and sour mix and a cola soda.

Pro tip: This drink in no way resembles regular iced tea.

2. Martini

There’s nothing that screams I am having a big-time cocktail other than ordering yourself a martini. Be sure your bartender follows the adage of James Bond, stirred and not shaken. You don’t want all that ice diluting your martini.

After that, you decide if you want yours to be a gin martini or a vodka one. When it comes to a martini, choosing gin or vodka is the ultimate cocktail debate. While gin is more traditional and offers more flavor profiles, vodka gives you a smooth martini. 

After debating gin or vodka, you can make the next big decision, olive or lemon twist. 

If you’re feeling fruity, try a cosmopolitan or appletini for a flavorful twist on the traditional martini.

3. Ice Bar Cocktails

In this case, instead of considering the cocktail, it’s more significant to assess the bar where the cocktail is made. 

Ice Bar is a Vegas bar destination with three locations where everything is made from, well, ice. 

If you like your drinks cold and trying something a little outside the norm, then Ice Bar should be your cocktail destination in Vegas.

4. Old Fashioned

If you love a classic, then the Old Fashioned should be your Vegas drink of choice. It will also tell you if your bartender is really a mixologist or an imposter. 

While the Old Fashioned might be relatively simple, it takes fundamental bartender skills to make a great one. 

Any bartender worth their tip will also know to ask if you want bourbon or rye whiskey as the base of your drink. Then there’s Angostura bitters, a sugar cube, and a generous orange twist to finish.

5. Pink Lady

The Pink Lady is the sort of untraditional choice on this list, but worthy of making the list. 

If you want a pretty, frothy, and fun, then the Pink Lady is the right choice for you. 

This gin drink adds grenadine and lemon juice and is served best in a coupe glass. Then a shaken egg white gets added to the top for its frothy look. 

6. Manhattan

Like the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan is another classic on the list. It dates back to sometime in the mid-1800s.

A good Manhattan is made with rye whiskey. Ask your bartender to make it using high-end rye to amplify the whiskey flavor. Then a small amount of sweet vermouth is added with a few dashes of Angostura bitters. 

7. Champagne Cocktail

The earliest reference to the revered champagne cocktail dates back to 1862. And let’s face it; champagne is the symbol of celebration. So is Vegas.

It makes sense that the champagne cocktail should be a cocktail worthy of ordering while celebrating something big in Las Vegas.

Champagne cocktails start with a sugar cube. The sugar cube soaks in the bottom of the champagne flute with some Angostura bitters. Then top the drink with top cognac and chilled champagne. 

The best champagne cocktails are garnished with an orange slice or maraschino cherry.

Whether you’re there for a bachelorette weekend or a wedding, order the whole group a champagne cocktail.

8. Craft Beer

You might be reading this list and thinking to yourself that you really just want a good cold beer. Vegas has beer, and like everything that Vegas does, you don’t want to settle for the beer on tap.

Instead, look for the best selection of craft beers. You’ll find everything from a great selection of pumpkin beer (yes, pumpkin), pale ales, and black IPAs. Take advantage of the vast selection and try out a new brew. 

9. Ask for the Wine List

If you’re not for cocktails and have outgrown your beer days, you probably still appreciate the value of a good glass of wine or two. Again, skip the house wine when you’re in Vegas.

Instead, ask to see the wine list and be prepared to be wowed by the selection. It will feel like a global convention with wines from nearby California to South Africa, France, and some Australian favorites.

It won’t be hard deciding what wine you want; it’ll be hard to decide what glass you want first. 

10. Bloody Mary

No cocktail list can be complete without a Bloody Mary. After a day and night on the town in Vegas, you might appreciate a good Bloody Mary to start out again the next day. 

The great thing about a Bloody Mary is turning it into its own little brunch selection with all the garnishes. You’ll find classics like olives, pickles, or celery and others like sausage, shrimp, and cheese cubes.

While a traditional Bloody Mary gets made with vodka, you might also appreciate Bloody Maria, where the liquor is tequila instead. 

Best Drinks in Vegas

Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so don’t be afraid to try out several of the best drinks in Vegas from this list. 

If you want to explore a unique Vegas experience, consider Ice Bar and its shows. Contact us here to learn more about Ice Bar tickets.

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