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5 Tips for Hosting Corporate Events in Las Vegas

Millions of people flock to Las Vegas for various reasons, including attending various corporate events. With everything that Vegas offers, what will set your corporate event apart from the others hosted in the area?

Before you invite attendees to your next corporate events, it’s crucial that you understand what it takes to host the ultimate Las Vegas corporate mixer. Before you complete your venue booking discover what it takes to plan your next corporate get-together right here.

1. Understand the People You’ve Invited

The first step in planning Las Vegas events is understanding the people you’re inviting to the invite. When you plan corporate events, the point is to offer attendees a way to gain more information and educational materials about your company interactively and engagingly.

What is the purpose of the event? Do you want to build upon the idea of teamwork? Is the event’s purpose to provide an atmosphere for attendees to network?

For example, if the event is meant for your team and they’re young and active individuals, you might consider holding the event in an area that offers things like escape rooms or ropes courses. These locations allow your team to work together to solve various puzzles in a fun and inviting atmosphere.

However, if you want to provide a laid-back atmosphere that allows guests to network without the pressure of the corporate environment, booking an icebar could be your location.

Understanding the purpose of your event and the audience of your event will make it easier when it’s time to book the location and the accommodations and activities for event guests.

2. Decide On Your Budget

It’s no secret that people flock to Sin City to spend money, hoping they’ll win big. However, the last thing you want to do is overspend on Las Vegas corporate events.

Before you start any form of planning, decide how much you’ll want to spend on the event. To best determine a budget for the event, you need to keep in mind factors like:

  • Food
  • Guest accommodations
  • Event activities
  • Speakers for the events
  • Location

All of these things and more, depending on the size of your event, can cause the overall cost to fluctuate. Depending on the space you book for the event, you might be able to ask if there is a discount for hosting your corporate event in that location.

It’s crucial to check dates for the event ahead of time because locations will have a peak season where the prices to book their corporate event spaces will be on the higher end than if you were to book the space during the offseason.

3. Go Big With Activities

Corporate events in Las Vegas provide attendees with a getaway and make an impact on the activity department. People don’t want to spend time wandering from place to place during an event, so you need to bring the activities to them.

Find an event space that is large enough to support event attendees and provide room for different activities like live entertainment or casino games. By doing this, you bring the city’s magic into the heart of your event.

This will keep guests excited as they continue to attend each day of the event, and it’s beneficial for your company because the guests will be waiting to see what you do for the next event. Hosting corporate events is about keeping guests engaged and attentive to the information you’re sharing.

There’s no better way to do this than mixing information and activities in Sin City.

4. Select a Location

There are several locations in Las Vegas to choose from, but you’ve got to take your time and find the one that fits your corporate event needs. For example, The Linq Hotel in Las Vegas is the perfect place for guests to lay their heads and have fun during the event dates.

Is the event a summit for the top earners in your company? There’s no better way to treat them than by choosing The Linq or The Venetian as your event site.

During the event, they can spend time relaxing and refreshing themselves in one of the offered spa services or layout by the pool in one of the cabanas until the next meeting time on the event schedule. It’s important when you host these events that you give attendees downtime.

Providing guests with downtime will make it easier for them to focus during the meeting sessions. And it gives them a chance to see what Las Vegas has to offer.

Trust us, for those that have never been; it’s a sight to see with endless opportunities for much-needed fun.

5. Find the Right Speakers

Speakers are important for your corporate event because they will get guests excited about other informational sessions. Your speaker should be someone that has a proven track record of successful event speaking and be able to adhere to the guidelines of your event.

For example, most corporate events have a schedule it follows. The last thing you want to do is hire a speaker known to go off script or act in an unprofessional manner.

Hosting Corporate Events in Las Vegas: Tips You Need to Know

Hosting corporate events in Las Vegas can be overwhelming to plan if you don’t know what to focus on. It’s important you decide on a budget and stick to it because in Las Vegas spending money is easy.

After you set the location and date for your event, don’t forget to allow attendees some downtime. No one wants to visit Vegas without being able to take a look around.

Still having problems planning your event? Let Minus5 Las Vegas help you book your next private event. Contact us and let us help you plan a mind-blowing experience.

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