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9 Tips for Choosing a Corporate Event Venue

Imagine running a company that offers premier products and services in your industry. You also have no trouble getting your brand in front of the right people.

However, you have a major issue with workplace culture and employee morale. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to keep employees around for more than a year. Holding a corporate event is a great way to navigate these issues and create a stronger bond with your workers.

However, not everybody understands how to find the right event venues. It’s crucial to choose the ideal location, and we’ve written a brief guide to make planning an event easier than you anticipated. Let’s explore how you can find the ideal corporate event venue.

1. Accessibility

This is one of the most important attributes to consider when making your decision. If the venue doesn’t have solid accessibility options, you risk isolating certain guests.

For example, it’s not uncommon for corporate events to provide wheelchair accommodation. So, your guests will anticipate this attribute before attending. If they arrive to discover the venue doesn’t have accessibility options for your private event, you could damage your brand’s reputation.

Ensure you get in touch with a representative from the venue before you make a decision. They can provide insight into the key information you should know.

2. Acoustics

You’ll undoubtedly be playing music at your event. You might even organize a live band. At the very least, you’ll have a speaker with a microphone.

If the venue has poor acoustics, the experience will be unpleasant for everyone involved. This is true even for something as simple as crowd chatter.

Most venues that accommodate corporate events are sound-treated. This means there shouldn’t be an issue with anything sound-related. Don’t overlook this attribute, as it can make or break the experience your guests have.

3. Transportation

Is the venue easy to travel to? For example, imagine choosing a venue that was located 50 miles outside of a major city.

Even for people who took a flight to go to the event, it would still be inconvenient to reach. They would likely have to rent a car or call a rideshare service after arriving at the airport. An issue like this could prevent someone from going altogether.

Ideally, you’ll choose a venue located in a busy area of a large city. This ensures there will be numerous transportation options available. Guests are also less likely to have trouble traveling to a major city, as well.

4. Check the Availability

The last thing you want is to focus on a venue that’s unavailable for your chosen dates. The availability for each venue will fluctuate based on demand. So, it may be difficult to reserve a space during peak seasons.

You might also need to schedule far in advance to ensure you get your spot. In some cases, you might need to book at least six months out. The good news is checking availability is often relatively straightforward.

You can likely go to their website and look at a calendar to see if they have space available. Some venues let you sign up for a waitlist. This allows you to get notified if space opens up during your desired dates for hosting an event.

5. Is There a Green Room?

Many people overlook how important it is to choose a venue with a green room. Presenting is a key part of corporate events, and it’s nice to have a space for people to collect themselves before going on stage.

While green rooms aren’t essential, they can make speeches and other forms of presentation much more streamlined. They can also help calm the nerves of your presenters.

This is especially important when presenting a new product or announcing plans for your company. Keep this in mind when moving forward.

6. Meal and Drink Accommodations

No event is complete without meal and drink accommodations. There should be a wide variety of choices for both categories. To clarify, the venue should offer vegetarian and vegan meal options.

There should also be plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available. If you choose a venue that serves alcohol, take measures to regulate how much your guests consume. Many corporate events provide attendees with a free trade ticket.

They can exchange it for one alcoholic beverage. Afterward, they’ll need to spend their own money at the bar. Most people are content with receiving more drinks, but some people will continue to purchase additional beverages.

Ask the venue staff what their policy is regarding how they cut people off from drinking/remove unruly guests. A situation you want to avoid is dealing with a large number of disorderly guests.

Keep in mind there are workarounds for venues that don’t have extensive meal and drink options. To clarify, you might have found a space ideal for your event that doesn’t offer food or drinks. You could hire a catering and bartending service instead.

7. Are There Fees?

There’s no shortage of venues that charge miscellaneous fees. These can quickly add up, and some venues aren’t straightforward about them.

For instance, a venue might charge a “management fee” and include it in your bill without you knowing. You could then discover you’re paying hundreds of dollars more than you expected. Finding a reputable venue will ensure you avoid this problem.

They should have no trouble being fully transparent about the cost. Many locations will provide itemized breakdowns of what you’ll pay, as well. This offers valuable insight into where your money goes.

Find the Right Corporate Event Venue

The tips in this guide will ensure you find the corporate event venue ideal for your needs. From here, you can connect with new clients, strengthen your employee morale, and improve your branding strategy.

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