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Las Vegas Anniversary Date Ideas: Why an Ice Bar Makes the Perfect Date

Research has found showing gratitude for your other half can increase relationship satisfaction. There is no better way to show gratitude than celebrating your anniversary together. And why not do it in an ice bar?

Las Vegas is the perfect destination to experience with a loved one. There are so many things to do in Las Vegas, but the number of options can become overwhelming. How can you choose between all the anniversary date ideas?

Whether you are celebrating your first month, first year or wedding anniversary, an Ice Bar in Las Vegas is the perfect location. Read on to learn why you should pick an ice bar out of all the Las Vegas experiences on offer. 

What Is an Ice Bar?

An ice bar, such as a minus5° Ice Experience in Las Vegas, is a winter wonderland primarily made of ice. It is an immersive experience where you are in freezing temperatures surrounded by ice.

Usually, the walls, seats, and even your drinking cups are made out of ice. However, some bars, such as the minus5° Ice Experience, go the extra mile and include other memorable features to have an anniversary date you will never forget. 

What to Expect During an Ice Bar Date

So, what can you expect if you pick an ice bar in Las Vegas for your date? It can be nice to feel prepared, no matter how many anniversaries you are celebrating.

The first thing to know is you will be provided parkas or coats and gloves to keep you warm. There is also entertainment, places to relax, and drinks on offer. You can book a slot and package in advance to stay organized for your anniversary day. 

Why an Ice Bar Tops Anniversary Date Ideas

There are many reasons why you should visit an ice bar in your lifetime. But picking an ice bar in Las Vegas for your date will guarantee this anniversary will never slip your mind. Here are the top reasons you should try this anniversary date idea. 

Unique Experience 

Visiting Las Vegas for your anniversary is an amazing experience. And you are not alone, as around 40 million people visit Las Vegas each year on average. Many of these visitors are on romantic trips, such as anniversaries, which means there are many romantic things to do in Las Vegas.

But it can be a challenge to find something romantic and unique to do. How can you find a memorable experience that stands out from the rest of your trip? 

An ice bar offers a unique romantic experience for your anniversary. It is unlike any other Las Vegas experience and provides plenty of surprises to keep you in awe throughout the date.

Cozy Up

An ice bar strikes the perfect balance between fun and letting you relax together. There are plenty of places to sit and celebrate. You can reflect on your relationship, but also, there are plenty of unique things such as sculptures to keep the conversation flowing.

Plus, what better excuse is it to cozy up together than in an ice bar? Enjoy your special day in this festive winter wonderland, which is not overcrowded with people. You can buy a package that includes a cozy faux fur coat to get even more comfortable but still look great for you and your other half. 

Toast Your Anniversary 

Toast your anniversary thanks to the drink options at the ice bar. And when else can you toast your anniversary in ice cups? There are a variety of drinks on offer, from mocktails to cocktails and shots to enjoy during the experience.

Capture the Day

One of the reasons an ice bar is one of the top anniversary date ideas is because you can capture the day. Certain ice bars, such as the minus5° Ice Experience, offer packages that include professional photographers.

Get some professional shots with your other half that you can keep and share with loved ones. And these photos are going to be unique, with the ice backdrop! Even if you choose a different package without pictures, you will capture great memories with incredible themed rooms as your backdrop. 

Entertainment Galore

Anniversary date ideas usually require multiple stops to keep the celebration going. While you can certainly continue your date after the ice bar, it is also jam-packed with entertainment to keep you busy.

You can relax, indulge in cocktails, and enjoy your surroundings. Or you might want to dance, which is possible with the fun music on offer.

You will also be kept busy by looking at the different interactive ice sculptures. The minus5° Ice Experience has over 90 tons of ice and themed rooms, so there is a lot to explore, all with colorful LED lights to set the ambiance. 

Souvenir Reminders

You can also add a fun gift to your anniversary celebrations with some ice bar souvenirs. There is a variety of merchandise on offer, along with the photos you can get.

You will always have a way to break the ice with people if you have ice bar merchandise. Many people are curious about an ice bar experience, so wow them by explaining you visited for your anniversary!


You want to maximize your anniversary celebrations, which is why the ice bar is perfect. You can reserve a spot in advance, so you do not have to wait around. The minus5° Ice Experience has a few locations too, so you pick the best option for your needs. 

Plus, you can even hire the ice bar for a private event if you want to throw a party to celebrate your anniversary!

The Best Ice Bar in Las Vegas

Freeze searching for anniversary date ideas and pick an ice bar. It is the perfect date location, whether it is your anniversary or your first date. And what better way to visit an ice bar than an ice bar in Las Vegas?

The minus5° Ice Experience is here to help you have the best anniversary date. Contact us today if you have any questions, or go ahead and book your date experience!

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