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Your Perfect Setting Awaits: 6 Steps to Finding the Ideal Private Event Space

From crisp air to ice sculptures to layered clothing, there are dozens of reasons that many people love winter. If you’re looking for a private event space, an ice bar can give you and your guests the wintertime vibes they love regardless of the current Las Vegas weather.

But don’t get too ahead of yourself! Choosing a private event space is a process. Read on to learn some things you should consider when choosing a location that meets all your most important event requirements.

1. Understand the Occasion

The first thing to do when planning an event is to think about its purpose. Corporate team-building will require branding and company imagery in a way that a birthday party won’t. Weddings and their receptions need to be more formal than bachelorette parties, and a romantic ambiance is a must-have.

You also will need to consider how many people the occasion warrants. Getting the right venue size is key to a good night. You don’t want to force guests into a cramped and uncomfortable place.

2. Know Your Budget

Creating an event budget is also critical prior to booking a private event space.

Research past events of a comparable size to your upcoming one. Then, make a list of all the things you and your guests will require. Set an overall budget that can meet these requirements and cut back wherever possible if you go over.

A high-quality package with an open bar and pre-purchased catering can help, but make sure that you create a plan regardless.

3. Pick the Right Location

The first thing to consider when choosing a location is venue size. Some private events are made for 20 people, while others are made for 200. Take a head count to make sure that you book a place that can fit everyone you want to attend.

You’ll also want to consider accessibility. If there are no wheelchair ramps or elevators, some of your attendees might not be able to come. If anyone in your group has specific needs, it’s best to talk with potential venues to learn what features they offer.

It’s always best to choose a unique location for a memorable experience. That’s why traditional conference rooms and restaurants aren’t often the best choice for private events. Everyone books fancy restaurants and basic lounges, so you’ll want to try something different.

An ice bar is perfect for those who want to give attendees a night to remember for a lifetime!

If you’re hosting an event in Las Vegas, you can choose from three winter wonderland locations. These aren’t just venues with a wintery ambiance and cool hues. They’re places where everything from the seats to the walls is made of ice.

Drink glasses are also made from ice, so you don’t need to worry about warm beer or subpar cocktails, either! The controlled temperature means nothing will melt, either, so the ice rooms stay refreshingly cool and memorable.

4. Go All-Inclusive

Choosing an all-inclusive venue means that you won’t need to do much work when planning your event. The venue will already take care of things like catering, beverages, displays, and photography. You get to have all of these amenities for the full timeframe that you book the space for so the event can look great and remain comfortable for attendees.

Some great locations also offer branding opportunities for corporate events. You can have your company’s logo and products on ice sculptures and projectors. Branded hats and photos around the venue can also create a professional and memorable ambiance.

An all-inclusive package means that you won’t need to budget for dozens of things at once. Experts offering these packages also already have professional relationships with vendors, so you don’t need to make tons of phone calls to find caterers, photographers, and more experts that you can rely on all at once.

This also saves money as well as time. All-inclusive packages tend to have massively discounted rates when compared to events that require the planner to book all amenities and services individually. It’ll be easier to budget, and your money will go a much longer way.

5. Communicate With Your Top Choices

Once you’ve decided on a top-notch location, it’s time to communicate with the experts there to learn the ins and outs of their venue.

Ask about availability on your dates to make sure that there’s space for your private event. If there isn’t, consider being flexible if you like the location a lot. There’s no need to miss out on a great experience because one very specific date was already booked up.

Then, inquire about the exact rates for renting the space. Make sure to discuss what amenities are included and whether you’ll need to pay any extra fees. This will help you understand whether your top choice is realistically within your budget.

6. Look at Various Private Event Space Packages

Most quality private event spaces offer online resources describing their amenities and features. Once you decide on a great location, browse the packages they have available. You can always communicate with the venue directly to get more specific information and answers to questions.

Minus 5° Ice Bar always offers an LED light show and uplifting, catchy music. We also have tons of ice sculptures and themed ice rooms that you can check out in between drinks and entertainment.

But there are also different package options that you can book. Some groups want open bar private events, which gets everyone the best value. Others may want separate checks and individual tabs for attendees, which requires booking in a different way.

You can also book from different catering services. Appetizers, sandwich platters, display station platters, and desserts are just some of the available options.

Those booking events also get to choose what LED specs and ice sculpture varieties they want. You may also be able to choose from various entertainment options.

Do your research and decide what’s right for your group!

Book a Great Venue Today

Now that you have some tips for choosing a great private event space, it’s time to book the perfect location to meet your event requirements.

Minus 5° is committed to offering a wide range of packages for friend groups, families, corporate teams, and more. Whether you’re planning a Vegas birthday party or a team-building experience, reach out to our ice bar to learn more about what we have available.

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